Hair Colorist in Cherry Hill




Colorist/Stylist and Extension Specialist

I have been in this amazing beauty industry for over 15 years. I began my career as an educator and continue to augment my knowledge and expertise through additional research and training. I used to enjoy painting landscapes before becoming a stylist. I was thrilled when I was able to tie my passion for painting in with the art of hair.  I like examining the full vision from cut to color, changing textures and adding length or volume with extensions.  It is important to me to create the desired tone, such as, warm, natural or cool for all types of hair color. I also love mixing color techniques from balayage to traditional foils to create the best outcome for each client. I utilize different tools and methods to develop weightless texture in my haircuts. My goal is to enable each client to style their hair at home with ease. I pride myself on maintaining clear communication to achieve a desired look that meets and exceeds customer expectations. I savor the challenge of recreating a style from a picture that a client has shown me. I LOVE what I do and just want to create shiny, healthy, sexy hair while maintaining its integrity. 'Your hair is your best accessory.' - Kristy Fidanza