Hair Colorist in Cherry Hill




Owner/Colorist/Stylist & Extension Specialist

I have been in this business of styling and coloring hair for 18 years now. Time flies when you're having fun.  I've sat back, watching and learning, to ensure that when I was ready I could bring to you my vision, my dream. 

I work with a lot of long hair, but bobs are huge right now and there are many different kinds. This is one of my favorite haircuts. I love to customize each cut with the type of coloring that fits the haircut and her personality. Balayage has completely taken over and I love the effects that can be achieved from it. Extensions are where my heart is. I LOVE the work. In about an hour you leave the salon with longer, fuller, sexier hair. The Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blow Out treatments that we offer are amazing! There is no reason to be skeptic, you WILL leave the salon with hair that blows out straight and smooth and can withstand even Jersey's humidity. With just one pass of your blow dryer and brush, you can make your hair look how I make it look. This will change your life, promise! So come try me out, you'll look forward to coming back. I'll talk you through a lot of hair do's and hair don'ts. I'm very patient and accommodating. I'll come in early and stay late. I'll be that person in your life that you can rely on; I'll be your hairdresser.