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Tips for Gorgeously Gray Hair

Tips for Gorgeously Gray Hair

Over the years gray hair has come in and out of fashion. Right now gray is considered a super chic hair color that is being worn by people of all ages. If you’ve been blessed with naturally gray hair, now is the time to embrace it. If you’re thinking of trying the silver hair trend here are a few things that will help you go gray gorgeously.

Consider Skin Tone

Generally speaking, gray is a pretty neutral color. Gray hair looks great with any skin tone. What you need to consider when choosing a shade of gray are your skin’s undertones. If your undertones are cool you’ll want to match it with a cool shade of gray for your hair so that your skin and hair don’t clash. And if your undertones are warm you’ll want a warmer shade of gray. Having your skin tone and hair color in harmony will give you a flawless and natural look.

Wardrobe Choices

Gray is neutral and looks good with any color, but if you want a perfectly put-together look consider a monochromatic outfit. A simple color scheme will highlight your silver mane instead of drawing attention away from your gorgeous color. If you take care in choosing your wardrobe colors you can make your eye color stand out as well. You’ll want to pay attention to both your hair and skin’s undertones here as well as your eye color. If you have blue eyes an outfit of navy blue and dark gray is a good place to start. For green eyes, natural shades of moss or pine green would be a perfect pairing. Brown eyes are neutral and accentuated by earthy tones of brown, muted orange, forest green, or denim blue.


Keeping your gray looking fabulous requires the same amount of maintenance as other hair colors. You’ll need to stay on top of root touch-ups and use products formulated for color-treated hair. If your hair is naturally gray you won’t need the root touch-ups, but you will want to choose hair care products that prevent gray hair from yellowing.

Whether you’re ready to embrace your naturally gray hair or you want to try out this hot hair color trend, the professional colorists at William Robert Salon can help you choose the perfect shade of gray and offer expert advice to keep your silver strands looking gorgeous. Give us a call at 856-528-5681 or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule your appointment today. You’ll find us at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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