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Resolutions for Beautiful Hair

Resolutions for Beautiful Hair

While the New Year has long past, it’s never too late to start a new resolution. Why not commit yourself this year to taking excellent care of your hair? We’ve come up with a list of ways you can- and should- obtain and maintain absolutely beautiful hair this year.

Resolution #1: Preserve your hair color: If you have color-treated hair, it’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner that have color-preserving ingredients, or you’ll run the risk of stripping your hair color and washing it right down the drain.

Resolution #2: Protect your hair from heat: heated styling tools are great for creating a variety of hairstyles, but overusing them can damage your hair. Always use a heat protectant before heat styling, and try to reduce your use of heat overall.

Resolution #3: Embrace your natural texture: give your styling tools a break once in a while and embrace your hair in its natural glory. No matter what texture your natural hair is, the best way to show it some love is to enhance it with products that encourage air-drying. These products can smooth and tame hair with a featherlight definition.

Resolution #4: Don’t wash every day: shampooing your hair too often can dry out your scalp and strip hair of its natural oils causing flakes, dullness, or fading hair color. To combat this, wash your hair every other day to every two days, and on your no-wash days, use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil at the roots.

Do you have a hair resolution you need help with? If so, our team of professionals here at William Robert Salon can assist. We are a full-service salon with a dedicated team of professionals up-to-date on the latest techniques to enhance your natural beauty. You can find us at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, NJ, or give us a call on 856-528-5681. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our free mobile app. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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