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Prevent Winter Hair Damage with These Tips

Prevent Winter Hair Damage with These Tips

The winter months are harsh on both our hair and skin. The combination of cold weather and dry indoor heat cause split ends and hair breakage. We’ll share with you several tips to keep those split ends away.

Shampoo Less

Every time you shampoo your hair, you’re also removing natural oils from your scalp. If you’re scalp is itchy or you see flakes, skip the ‘poo a couple days a week to see if it clears it up. You should still scrub your scalp with water when you’re in the shower to get rid of any sweat or product buildup. And be sure to always finish with a conditioner. You can also use a dry shampoo on days that you’re skipping the shampoo. Dry shampoo is also useful to plump up hair that’s lost volume, aka hat head.

Condition More

Condition your hair frequently during the winter. The dry air deprives your hair of moisture and will cause damage. Every time you wash your hair, always condition afterward. Of course, you should still condition on days you choose not to shampoo in the shower. Add a leave-in conditioner in your hair for extra protection, it’ll help combat those stray floating strands from static electricity too.  

Commit to Weekly Treatments

The heat indoors also deprives your hair of moisture. Commit to a weekly deep conditioning treatment to replace the moisture and you'll notice results immediately. Your William Robert Salon stylist will know which is best for your hair type and its condition.

Let our experienced stylists help you combat winter hair. We carry only the best products on the market. You’ll receive the best treatments in our salon, and our professional staff will help educate you on what products are best for your hair care routine at home.

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