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Love Your Keratin Complex Treatment for Dry Winter Hair

Love Your Keratin Complex Treatment for Dry Winter Hair

Did you know that a keratin treatment isn’t just for the hot humid summer days? There are just as many benefits to getting a keratin treatment in the winter when your hair can lose valuable moisture due to the cold dry air and heat from indoor heating. Not only can you tame the frizz from winter, but you can also enjoy a variety of other benefits with our Clean Air Keratin Complex treatment

What is Keratin? Keratin is a natural protein found in everyone’s hair, nails, and skin. It helps to strengthen your hair by forming a protective layer to defend your hair against damage while creating a smooth, silky surface. When your natural keratin breaks down because of heat styling, sun exposure, chemical processing, or even environmental factors, your hair is left unguarded and susceptible to damage. 

How does Our Keratin Complex Treatment Work? At William Robert Salon, our Clean Air Keratin Complex treatment uses a high concentration of natural protein that penetrates your hair shaft, adding strength to your strands. As the keratin bonds and seals the cuticle on the outside of your hair, it works to repair your damaged hair and protect against further damage. You leave our salon with silky smooth, shiny, healthy, manageable hair. 

What Are the Benefits of the Keratin Treatment? Winter air is notoriously dry and easily robs your hair of its natural moisture. A keratin treatment seals the hair, locking in moisture and preventing static, fly-aways, and that dreaded frizz. There are other benefits as well:

  • Quicker drying time so less possible damage from your blow dryer

  • No more time spent using a flat iron to smooth your hair, saving you time in the morning and less heat to your hair

  • Low maintenance – you won’t need as many after-care products to maintain your look

  • Manageable, healthy-looking hair for up to 5 months

  • Suitable for all hair types

How Do I Care for My Hair? Immediately after your Keratin Treatment, your William Robert stylist will give you after-care instructions for your hair including the best hair care products to use on your hair. 

For up to 3 days after a treatment:

  • Do not get your hair wet – use a shower cap when showering 

  • Keep workouts to a minimum so that your hair doesn’t get wet from sweat

  • Carry an umbrella and a loose hair cover to protect against rain, fog, or falling snow

  • Leave your hair down to avoid making any impressions on your hair, so no ponytails, clips, or head-forming hats

  • No updo’s or braids

  • Sleep with your hair down and preferably on a silk pillowcase when possible

After three days:

  • Use shampoos that are sulfate-free and are specially-formulated for keratin treatments

  • Regularly trim your hair to keep your smooth texture and free from split ends

  • If you have color-treated hair, let your stylist know, but keratin will also help to maintain your color and vibrancy for the life of the treatment. 

If you’re ready for soft, smooth hair that is free from winter frizz, give us a call today. Our team of skilled artisans at William Robert Salon is here to help! You can find us at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, NJ, or give us a call at 856-528-5681. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our free mobile app. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

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