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Hot Trends in Men’s Haircuts

Hot Trends in Men’s Haircuts

Trends may come and go, but one thing we know for certain is there’s nothing like a fresh haircut to help you feel on top of your game. From building up your confidence to feeling more attractive to women, sporting a hot new ‘do is an easy way to give your image a makeover. No matter what look you’re after, the stylists here at William Robert Salon can help you achieve it. Take a look at a few of our favorite trends in men’s hair this year, then come on in and let us know which one you have to have!

Classic quiff. Also known as “The Elvis”, this cut adds mega volume to your hair. The sides are cut short while the longer hair on top is combed forward except the front part. These strands will be unevenly brushed up with a good styling cream for hold.

The “bad boy” cut. There’s something rebellious about a hairstyle that looks a bit like you just rolled out of bed. For this style to work, your hair should first be mid-length with the sides partly trimmed. The trick to this carefree look is to use a gel or pomade and “mess it up” to an extent.

The “hockey” cut. Also known as a “long cut”, this is another laid-back style that’s as popular on the ice as it is on the beach. This style is well suited for men with naturally wavy or curly hair that is thick and voluminous. To style, apply a soft-hold cream or paste to damp hair and blow-dry while using a brush or your hands to add volume.

The “professional”. Easily recognized by the side part, this timeless classic hairstyle from the 50s offers a clean, smart, and professional look. This cut requires a taper on the sides with a decent amount of length and volume up top. This style is the epitome of maturity and is a great choice for busy office guys who don’t want to waste time and effort on their hair but still want to look fantastic.

Are you ready to update your haircut for 2019? If so, our professional stylists at William Robert Salon can create a look that compliments you and your lifestyle. You can find us at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, NJ, or give us a call on 856-528-5681. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our free mobile app. Find it on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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