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Easy Stay At Home Hairstyles

Easy Stay At Home Hairstyles

We know that a great many of you are spending a lot more time at home these days, so today we’re here to talk about some easy hairstyles you can do at home to keep you feeling your best even if you’re not going anywhere! With so many things out of our control right now, making sure we take care of ourselves is one thing we can do to help keep a sense of normalcy. Read on for some of our favorite easy hairstyles, and let us know if you try one out!

Faux fishtail. Fishtails are one of the hottest braids around, but not everyone knows how to do them! What’s a girl to do? The faux fishtail! Take a section of hair from both sides of your face and twist them toward the back of your head. Tie both sides together with a clear hair tie, and flip the hair inward around itself. Next, take hair from under that first flip and repeat the process to create a second flip. You can make as many flips as you want, depending upon how long your hair is. Once you’ve reached the end, tie it up with a hair tie, and pull on each of the sections a little to conceal where the hair ties are. Easy as that!

Headband updo. This one is super easy, and as an added bonus it can give you the illusion of having longer hair than you actually do! Get a headband that isn’t too tight on your hair, making sure it goes all the way around the back of your head. Take your hair, and in sections, tuck it into the headband, rolling it around the band. Tuck it in as much as you like, and secure it will bobby pins if necessary. That’s it! You now have a super simple, super cute updo!

Easy beach waves. Wavy hair is a great way to look like you just had a carefree day at the beach, and this is an easy way to create the look. First, add some texturizing spray to freshly wetted hair. Then, choose the top section of your hair and tightly twist it into a bun and secure it with pins or a band. You will want to repeat this process for both sides of your hair and in the back as well. Blow-dry the buns for a few minutes, then take the buns apart and separate the hair. Beach hair in just a few minutes!

These are just a few of the cute hairstyles you can do at home to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. For additional ideas, keep up with William Robert Salon online, or download our free mobile app. It’s available on iTunes or Google Play.

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