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Bright Summer Highlights You'll Love

Bright Summer Highlights You'll Love

If you’re longing to try something new but not quite ready to commit to a whole new color, some bright summer highlights might be just right for you. They allow you to keep your current color while changing things up with a lighter and brighter look with more dimension. With so many trends to choose from it can be hard to decide. We’ve narrowed it down to the five most popular options to inspire you as you choose your new summer color.

Chunky Highlights

First popular in the 90s, this blast from the past is back this summer. Chunky trips of hair are coated with dye and wrapped in foil. When the processing time is up the foil is removed and the dye rinsed out leaving behind high contrast chunks of color. Choose a lighter shade of your current color, or add even more interest with bold pops of an entirely different hue.


Though not technically highlights, this hot color trend can sort of act like highlights by adding a new color to only portions of your hair. By lightening your color in a gradient fashion from midshaft to tips, your color will be brightened without a complete change.


This technique produces the most natural-looking highlights. Color is painted on in a freehand style giving you highlights that look like they were randomly bleached by the sun. It’s a much softer effect than foil highlights.


If you want something very soft and subtle, babylights are the way to go. Babylights usually utilize the balayage technique to mimic the high dimension sunkissed highlights you naturally see in young children’s hair, hence the name babylights.

Money Piece

This is a take on chunky highlights that focuses only on the front side sections of hair. The lighter strips frame your face and enhance your complexion. What better way to draw attention to a gorgeous summer tan?

The expert colorists at William Robert Salon are well trained in all the latest highlighting techniques. So if you’re ready for a change but not yet committed to a complete color change call us at 856-528-5681 or download our free mobile app fromiTunes or Google Play to schedule your appointment for some bright summer highlights today. We look forward to serving you at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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