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4 Benefits Professional Blowouts Offer

4 Benefits Professional Blowouts Offer

Salon blowouts are often misunderstood. Many think that a blowout is just a fancy name for blow-drying your hair, and while it’s true that a blowout dries your hair, it also offers so much more. Today we’ll look at 4 benefits of professional blowouts that you have probably never considered.

Saves Time

This one may seem a bit too obvious to list, but the time-saving benefits likely go further than you realize. Yes, a blowout saves you time by drying your hair faster, but it does double duty by styling your hair at the same time. Then, when you take into account that a properly cared for salon blowout can last for several days, the time savings just keep adding up.

Perfect Style All-Around

When styling your hair yourself you’re limited by your view and the length of your arms. It’s nearly impossible to get your style perfectly even all around your head when you can only see or reach a small section at a time. Your stylist has a complete 360 view to make sure your hair is perfectly styled all over.

Healthier Hair

Yes, it’s true that blow-drying daily can damage your tresses, but as we mentioned before a professional blowout can last for days. This spares your hair from the heat stress of blow drying daily, and since the styling is done as your hair dries your hair will also be spared of further heat stress from other heat styling tools. Daily shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils. Maintaining a blowout for several days means skipping the shampoo since it would wash out your style. This allows your natural oils to do their job in keeping your hair moisturized and healthy. Ask your stylist for tips to keep your blowout fresh between shampoos.

Mental Health Benefits

You may think of a blowout as a luxury salon treatment, but did you realize that it can also benefit your mental health. Self-care is a great way to help manage stress in today’s busy life. Taking some time for yourself to relax and recharge is a great stress buster and your self-esteem will get an amazing boost from knowing you look your absolute best.

The talented stylists at William Robert Salon are here to help you discover these benefits of professional blowouts and more. Give us a call at 856-528-5681 or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule your professional blowout and leave us feeling and looking great! You’ll find us at 1888 Marlton Pike East, Suite C, in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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